Garden Show Ireland 2018

We’re off to Garden Show Ireland tonight for three days of fun with our lovely Irish customers. It looks like a great show again this year with guests Mark Diacono of River Cottage and Otter Farm (hoping to get a chance to hear his talk) and the inspirational Helen Dillon who is in the middle of creating a completely new garden. Both will be fascinating. The lorry is almost loaded and is full of lovely plants despite the awful weather conditions this year. The nursery will be open as usual from Thursday to Monday although visitors will need to be aware that we have an enormous number of plants away with us. Hope to see you at Antrim Castle Gardens on Friday 4th,Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May. You will find us in the Plant Mall.

Plant of the Week: Geum “East of Eden”

We grow a lot of geums. They are such good doers and stand up to the unpredictable early spring weather so well. Among our favourites is “East of Eden” bred by Roger Proud at his nursery of the same name near Penrith.Other favourites are “Lionel Cox”- a lovely soft creamy yellow tinged with pink- and “Bell Bank” which is a gorgeous soft, brick red. All will do well in sun or part shade in moist soil.

Garden Show Ireland

Next weekend we will be at Antrim Castle Gardens for Garden Show Ireland. The nursery will be open as usual with our grandson Hamish in charge(his mummy and daddy will help!). The nursery is absolutely full of plants just ready to be planted in your borders. We grow everything without heat so they are completely hardy and ready to stand up to these early morning frosts we are still getting. Look out for our featured Plant of the Week throughout the season.

Spring Opening

We will be opening officially on Saturday 24th March for the 2018 season. Growing conditions have been challenging as we use no heat but it does mean our plants are tough and ready to face whatever the weather throws at them! Giles will also be at Kirkcudbright Market on Sunday in Harbour Square. The nursery will be open as usual from 10.00- 5.00. Hope to see you soon!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018 everybody! It’s been a pretty unhealthy start to the year for us as well as for a lot of other people but we’re now getting busy with plans for the coming season. The first show dates have now been confirmed so please make a note in your shiny new diary. As well as the main shows we will be at Kirkcudbright Producers’ Market on the 4th Sunday of every month from March to October. Giles will be at Wigtown Market every Saturday from Easter to October as well.

I have been busy updating our website and it will soon be up to date with our full range of mail order plants. Of course there are plenty of other treasures which are in short supply but which can be seen (and bought!) at shows, markets or at the nursery.

The nursery never officially closes but we will be ready for visitors from mid March onwards.Opening times are the same as last year(closed Tuesday and Wednesday but otherwise open from 10.00- 5.00) When we are away at shows the nursery will be in the capable hands of our daughter Jenny and our very new grandson Hamish. His training is starting early!

Fingers crossed for a lovely dry sunny Spring and a fabulous Summer to follow.